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Can I get Hylē Hydration in stores or on Amazon?

For the time being, products are only available through our website.

...But be patient! Eventually we will set up Amazon fulfillment. And we're already in talks with some local running shops.

How should I use Endurance Fuel?

We recommend consuming 2 to 3 servings (200-300calories) of powdered drink mix per hour of activity. Mix with 16-24oz (500-700ml) of water.

When does Endurance Fuel or Recovery Formula go bad?

Once mixed, it is recommended you consume within 24 hours. If stored in a fridge or cooler, expect Hylē Hydration products to stay fresh for 5 days.

How much is 1 serving of Endurance Fuel?

Each serving of Endurance Fuel is 28g and contains exactly 100 calories. Our 30 serving bags come with a 67cc scoop (1 scoop per serving), which is 1/4 cup (well, technically 0.266 cups, but close enough). Our 6 serving Itty Bitty bags come with a 33cc scoop (2 scoops per serving).

How much is 1 serving of Recovery Formula

Each serving of Recovery Formula is 63g and contains 240 calories, including 15 grams of protein. Our 16 serving bags come with a 33cc scoop (3 scoops per serving).

What allergens are in your products?

All Hylē Hydration products are vegan, gluten free, soy and dairy free, and contain no artificial sweeteners or colors.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

An overwhelming majority of our ingredients come from Midwest manufacturers. All ingredients are purchased from US-based companies.

Why do you use Monk Fruit?

Hylē Hydration Endurance Fuel contains a low amount of added sugar, which means there is little to no sweetness imparted from our carbohydrate sources. Other companies that use maltodextrin commonly add stevia, erythritol, or aspartame to improve sweetness, but many people do not enjoy the chemical flavor of these additives, and sugar alcohols such as erythritol can even cause gastric distress. To provide sufficient sweetness to our products we add a very small amount of monk fruit extract, a natural sweetener with a refreshing flavor.

Why do your products containe Theanine?

Studies indicate that theanine, an amino acid, may help regulate mood and mental clarity, particularly during exercise. When consumed with caffeine, it is also known to help prevent the caffeine jitters. While theanine may not improve physical performance, it may help you stay focused during longer, more demanding efforts.

Where are your products manufactured?

  • We are very proud of the fact that we manufacture our nutrition products in our own dedicated facility.  Unlike many other sports drink companies, we do not outsource our manufacturing, known as co-packing. This enables us to have complete control over the design, development, and production of our nutrition formulas. Moreover, this allows us to offer our products at a reasonable cost to athletes by avoiding unnecessary middle-men.
  • Our facility is located in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Hylē Hydration truly is sports nutrition made for athletes, by athletes.

How can I join Team Hylē?

We are always on the lookout for inspirational endurance athletes to sponsor and support. If you want share your love of Hylē Hydration with the world, and get some free swag in the process, feel free to reach out to us at info@hylehydration.com.

Does Hylē Hydration sponsor races and teams?

We are 100% committed to endurance athletes, and that means supporting local and regional races. If you are a race director or belong to an organized club/team, and are interested in collaborating with Hylē Hydration, please reach out to us at info@hylehydration.com.

Why was Hylē Hydration created?

  • At Hylē Hydration, we want to help athletes achieve their potential by providing comprehensive sports nutrition solutions for training and racing. Nutrition and hydration should not be a roadblock for endurance athletes. That's why Hylē Hydration was created, to provide performance hydration that fuels adventures, replaces what is lost through sweat, protects muscles, and tastes great. We are here to support athletes so they can push their boundaries and achieve incredible, inspiring goals.
  • After years of running ultramarathons, owner Chris Roberts was tired of being disappointed by various sports drinks. Many were too sweet or too salty, and in the final hours of multiple 100 mile races he found he could no longer stomach them. So Chris put in the research and imagined what an "ideal" sports drink for ultra-endurance athletes should look like. He came up with 4 specific characteristics: 1) more complex carbohydrates and less fructose, 2) electrolytes that mimic what is found in sweat, 3) amino acids to support muscles, 4) inoffensive and enjoyable flavors. Then, like any well-trained mathematician would do, he collected data and sampled dozens of major sports drinks on the market … and then made a Venn Diagram! Much to his surprise, not a single product passed the test. So, while millions of other people were perfecting their sourdough recipes during the COVID pandemic, Chris spent a year testing and tweaking the formula that would eventually become Hylē Hydration Endurance Fuel. Chris made hundreds of ziplock baggies filled with questionable-looking powder, and he and his running pal/nemesis, John Andersen, trained with it for months. After incredible success at multiple 100+ mile races and multi-day events, Chris knew he was on to something, and a brand new sports nutrition company was born.

How are you helping to combat Climate Change?

Nature is our playground. Forests and trails are where we go to train and race, and to find calm and joy. And while we are a new, very small company, Hylē Hydration plans to do its part to serve as a steward for the planet.

From Day 1, we have kept an accounting of the carbon footprint of our operations all along our supply chain, from our raw ingredient distributors, to manufacturing, right on through to customer delivery, and we offset that footprint by purchasing carbon credits that support the production of clean, renewable energy.

We have also partnered with 1% For The Planet to donate a portion of our annual revenue to support various environmental causes.

Are you Informed Choice certified?

Not yet, but we plan to send off samples to Informed Choice to be tested for certification in the near future. We have every expectation of being certified.