Let's Start from Scratch!

Hylē Hydration was born from ultramarathons. Running for 30, 50, 100 miles (or more!) puts your body through the ringer, and careful nutrition planning is critical. After years of suffering through various sports drinks that never really fit the bill, we decided enough was enough.

No more nauseatingly sweet concoctions. No more gagging on something that tastes worse than salt water. No more gut bombs at Mile 80. No more uninspiring flavors. No more empty promises.

We set out to create performance nutrition geared towards endurance athletes. Something that tastes great, is gentle on the stomach, and provides all the energy and nutrients required for endless hours of training, racing, and adventure.

The goal wasn't to start a brand new company. We just wanted to cobble together our own drink mix that wouldn't let us down mid-race.

...But, after years of research and tinkering, we settled on a formula and flavors that we felt were just too good not to share!

  • About the Founder

    Chris Roberts is the founder, owner, Chief Endurance Officer, etc. of Hylē Hydration. He is a trained statistician, transportation analyst, and an airport capacity modeling expert (nerd alert!). Chris is also an accomplished trail runner, with top finishes at some of the hardest ultras around. He is a husband to Hylē Hydration co-owner and high school history teacher, Kristin, and father to two adorable yet occasionally annoying kiddos. 


  • Invest in the Community

    As we grow, we plan to immediately invest back into the community by sponsoring various local and regional races, and supporting an inspiring team of incredible endurance athletes. We'll likely start off in the world of ultrarunning, and then hopefully branch out to all the other usual suspects.

    We're excited to not only share our product with other athletes, but also to eventually support and champion athletes, too.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    The Great Outdoors is our playground, and we promise to do our part to protect it.

    It won't happen overnight, but we already plan to work towards more environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing processes.

    As a member of 1% For The Planet, we promise to donate a portion of our revenue to environmental organizations.

    And from Day 1 we promise to operate Carbon Neutral. In the beginning, that means purchasing Renewable Energy Credits for wind and solar infrastructure investments to offset all calculated carbon emissions generated along our supply chain, from our ingredient suppliers to our manufacturing and straight through to customer delivery. 

  • Always Improving

    Not to toot our own horn, but we think our Endurance Fuel and Recovery Formula are pretty ... pretty ... pretty good. We did our due diligence, looked at the research, and put together performance hydration formulas that check off all the boxes. But we're not opposed to putting in the work to make our products even better as time goes on.

    We promise to keep up with advancing sports nutrition research so we can always confidently claim that we are backed by science.

    We promise to listen to all of the athletes out there relying on Hylē Hydration products. If folks think our products need some refinement, we'll get right on that. And if we get requests for more incredible flavors to offer, well, then we'll see what we can do about that, too!